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Plus Kid Rock's Instagram.
That's a good day's work.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the 80's tunes, so when the Foreigner date for Detroit was announced months ago, I was all over that shit. Like, seriously.... pretty sure my keyboard was smoking as I fired off an email to my editor requesting that I be the one to cover and review it for The Oakland Press.  When August 11 finally rolled around, it was in the middle of a busy show week, but I was still excited to see the concert.  Kelly, Mick and the guys were fantastic  (see my full concert review here) and I was shocked to learn I was the only reviewer there.  Pretty sure all the other media outlets were none too happy about their decision to dismiss Foreigner when Detroit's own Kid Rock (we call him Bob) strolled on stage with a mic in his hand for the final song of the encore.  Obviously, I freaked the fuck out, then made sure to do my job as a journalist.  As the only media representative on site, guess who landed the national story in Billboard?  That's right.  I also got my name plastered all over Bob's Instagram account when he posted a screen shot of the article.  Don't hear a lot of people giving me shit for knowing all the words to "I Want To Know What Love Is" now, do ya?

What people are saying about RSP.....

"Stacey!  You are amazing woman!!!! I truly love how you listened to me on the call and were truly able to capture and say so much better than I ever could; all the things I wanted to communicate about myself."  
~  Classic Cauley, Singer, Songwriter, and Model

"One of the best PR agencies I've worked with. She is one of the very few to make sure she connect with promoters like myself on a personal level."  ~ The Dutch Guy, Blogger, DJ, Music Expert 

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